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“To listen to the version of my SONATINA PARSAX by ZAVASAX is to move me to the dream world. His cleansing technique made me close my eyes and dream. It incites to dance without taking away value to the perfect execution of the trio. An excellent interpretation that serves as reference to review the best interpreted version.”

Ferrer Ferrán Composer

Congratulations, very nice and eclectic program.
But very good intonation, very good team!
Waiting for next!

Claude Delangle Paris CNSM

“Fantastic CD of the ZAVASAX SAXOPHONE DUO, with a reference version of my piece of “youth” ADRIA.”

Cristian Lauba Composer and Professor CNR Bordeaux

“For his first CD, Zavasax offers a wide range of talents, from Bach’s mastery to Lauba’s creativity.
The sound is pure, the phrasing sober and inspired. Undoubtedly this brilliant duo will be able to successfully motivate and serve new creators who wish to take on the challenge of writing for saxophone duo.
If desire arises, I would be the first to give them my full confidence.”

Jean-Denis MICHAT Professor CNR Lyon

“Challenging and stylistically very diverse program. The interpretations of the works show a conscience by the style, that is quite rare among the saxophonists. This is a set in which the total is more than the sum of the parts. I’m waiting for the next one!”

Arno Bornkamp Conservatorium van Amsterdam professor

“Inventions, an album to listen to and enjoy the sound of the saxophone, very interesting for young students and a step in the history of music, with the possibilities offered by this instrument.”

“The rapport of Juana and Javier on this album is important, it’s a job worthy of our record collection, for the individual quality of the saxophonists and their good camera work.”

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